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archery rangefinder under $200

Archery Rangefinder Under $200

Excellent laser rangefinder for bow hunting. Simple to use and works great. I use it for bowhunting and target shooting

Under $150

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It is compact, light and fits in a pants pocket. It's easy to use and sights on most anything. You just look through it, push the button that's right under your index finger and you get the yardage (you metric folks can change the units to meters from yards, blimey!). I tried it on trees and deer and it gave quick readings. The only nit picky little thing I can say about it is that it is pretty much a pain to install or change the battery. The 9 volt battery fits very snugly and is hard to put in and pull back out. Took to the range and checked on known yardage of 300. A horse was standing next to the 300 yard berm and was able to lock on the horse, reading was 301 yds. I tried to lock on other targets, some would give a reading and some would not. The purpose of the purchase was to range targets at long distance. I needed something that would reach out beyond my 400 yard range finder. So far, I would give a thumbs up for this product. If I have more issues, I will update this review, as for now, it is working as designed.