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barnett brotherhood crossbow package

Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Package, Camo

Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood Crossbow Package, Camo

  • Finger Reminders and Pass-through Fore grip
  • Climate controlled storage and waxing the string every ten shots is highly recommended. When loading crossbow always make sure odd colored arrow fletching is down.


Around $350

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Overall I am satisfied with my new purchase. It was relatively easy to set up and the price was good. Not sure why people would spend over $1000 for a crossbow. I have shot it about 40 times already and no issues. My shots have been between 7 and 50 yards. I will still need more practice before hunting with it. It does not come with a rope cocking device so be sure to order one if you don't have one. My only criticism is the quality of the scope. I would have preferred some fiber optics for aiming points. Also the eye relief seems pretty long and I can't adjust it out any farther. After more usage I will determine if I need to upgrade my scope. Regardless, I am looking forward to hunting with it and know it will be awesome.

Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Test Fire