Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights for the Ultimate Garden

best outdoor solar garden lights

Solar powered lights are already creeping from your backdoor and into your garden. The question is, why not? Solar powered lights have a lot of benefits, and your home grown carrots can certainly make use of them. This article will tackle on the best outdoor solar garden lights to buy in 2017.

What Are The Best Outdoor Solar Garden Lights in 2017?

Luckily we have the work cut out for you so that you will not stress yourself with all the possible solar garden lights in the market. So without further ado, here are the best outdoor solar garden lights of 2017:

The first entry on our list is the SolarGlow Stainless Steel LED Solar Garden Lights. This solar-powered garden light can be easily installed without all the hassle of wires and all other screws and whatnot

Of course, because it is solar powered, the purchase does not include nor need any batteries. The product just harnesses the tremendous energy the sun gives.

You can be assured that this product can withstand harsh weather and even rust since it is made of premium grade stainless steel, also giving it a well-constructed design that is very durable.

It has very bright 15 lumen lights placed in each LED light giving your garden the required illumination it deserves. Make sure to position them properly in your garden to achieve a more aesthetic appeal.

Also, the best thing about the product is that it has a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee. Because of this, you can really tell that the company is very confident with their product.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Very bright illumination
  • Excellent design
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1 Waterproof

As the name implies, this product harnesses the great power of the sun to illuminate your well-beloved gardens, and not to mention, it is also waterproof.

The product is placed with an upgraded frosted solar panel, with this, there is no protective layer needed. It has a 200 lumen output (4×50 enhanced LED) but despite this, it can withstand extreme heat.

The package includes two tools that can be easily installed onto the ground. You can also mount them on the wall with the included screws.

It includes a 2200 mah rechargeable battery. The product also has a built-in auto on/auto off feature that allows it to turn off or on by its own when the need arises.

With this product, you need not to constantly change locations of the lamps since it has an adjustable panel that allows you to change the angle of the light depending on your liking.


  • Robust construction
  • Bright illumination
  • Adjustable panel
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with several screws
  • Auto on/off feature


  • Shorter stake

VicTsing 4 pc Solar Spotlight

VicTsing 4 pc Solar SpotlightThe next entry on our list can function as a ground lamp or a wall light depending on your garden design. It has a bigger panel compared to other outdoor solar powered light, this panel is made of monocrystalline silicon which produces a higher conversion rate up to 20%.
The solar panel is also adjustable to angles of 90 degrees or 180 degrees, so you can adjust where the spotlight should be placed upon.
Equipped with 4 pcs of 0.5w led beads, you are assured that the produced illumination is brighter than other similar products. You may be worried that the produced illumination will be brighter than needed, thankfully, you can adjust its intensity with a single touch of a button. It also has an automatic on and off switch.
The build is made of solid hard plastic and is also IP65 rated for waterproofing so that it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.


  • Bright illumination
  • Automatic on/off feature
  • Two-way installation
  • Waterproof
  • Brightness adjustment


  • Flimsy overall construction

Robust Natural White Solar Spotlights

Robust-Natural White Solar SpotlightsMost consumers complain that most garden lights produce artificial bluish light, the Robust natural White Solar Spotlight makes sure that it emits a natural light that is not garish to the eyes. This heatproof and waterproof light has a diameter of 3.7in.

It dons a separate huge solar panel measuring 10.7 in x 6.5 in that harbour a huge amount of solar energy. Due to its large size, you can even place it in dark areas of your garden.

It has a built in double capacity 4000 mah 3.7 v Lithium battery that is also rechargeable. The intensity of the light emitted can be adjusted to 3 modes with a single touch of a button.


  • Emits natural light
  • Huge solar panel
  • Waterproof and Heatproof
  • Light adjustment


  • Flimsy build
  • Only lasts 5 hours

URPOWER Solar Lights

URPOWER Wireless Solar LightsThe last but definitely not the least entry on our list is the URPOWER Solar lights. This is definitely one of the most feature packed outdoor light on our list as it is equipped with a motion sensor.
This product can easily be installed in seconds and no wiring is needed to do it. It has an automatic on and off feature and it also employs the use of a motion sensor which turns on whenever it detects movement. The range will reach up to 10 feet with a 120-degree angle sensing. mentions that the product can withstand extreme conditions as it is waterproof and heatproof with a rating of IP64.


  • Has motion sensor
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof and Heatproof
  • Bright illumination


  • Weak overall construction

All these suggested products offer prime quality, bright illumination, and durability. However, we picked the VicTsing 4 pc Solar Spotlight because of the overall build and the ease of installation. Not to mention it comes with several customizations for light intensity and also features an automatic on/off function.

Check this video by Mark Zy as he discusses the features of this excellent product.

The Best Outdoor Solar Garden Lights: Learning The Basics

Innovative pieces of equipment have been used for various reasons in the household nowadays. Just a few decades ago, a significant discovery marked the emergence of solar powered lights.

For several years, solar powered lights have provided the much-needed illumination for several homes across the globe.

Families from the higher class have benefited from these lights and just recently, families from third world countries have reaped the benefits of solar powered lights although with some improvisation, but still the same concept is employed.

Solar powered lights have illuminated various areas of our homes adding additional beauty without the unsurmountable need for electrical energy. With this, households have saved a ton of money because due to the harvested solar energy.

These lights power the main living room, walkways, patio and even gardens. With solar powered lights, plants and other vegetation are able to get sufficient amount of light even during evenings whenever preferred.

With all our hectic schedules and routine office work that only allow us a few wee hours at home, it is very difficult to find time to take care of our plants. This is a good thing since not all gardening enthusiasts have all the luxury of time to look out for their plants in the morning because of work.

With solar powered garden lights, these people are able to see a glimpse of their plants and other vegetation when they come home from work so that they become updated with the growth of their much-loved plants.

Solar-powered garden lights are actually very popular nowadays. If you look up on the internet, you will see a lot of options but not all these are durable while some will look attractive but will suddenly die on you the minute it reaches its meager lifespan.

It is always advisable to look for reviews online or ask reliable friends who share the same interest with your hobby.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Garden Solar Lights

Garden lights differ in a lot of aspects. This makes choosing one a difficult task. However, it all boils down to the intended use of these solar lights.

In our case, garden solar lights can be differentiated to other types of solar lamps. They come in different sizes and shapes and they also vary in their respective purpose. They can function as an individual in ground solar lights, wall lights or even a string of lights.

Some solar lights also offer extra safety features for security. For example, motion sensing solar lights can detect any movement in the area allowing you to catch possible intruders off guard.

The factors that need to be considered when buying outdoor garden solar lights can be summed up to five things: Customization, Battery Life, Number of lights, Range and of course its overall illumination.


costumizationAlthough simplistic in its principle and purpose, several outdoor solar lights come in a wide array of customization features while some only offer one setting.

Some outdoor solar lights come with a few added customizing features. For example, more advanced outdoor solar lights have a feature of automatically turning on when it’s night time, while turning off whenever the sun is up.

Also, some outdoor solar lights have a feature of adjusting its light intensity, that way you are able to adjust the amount of power being used up so that it can last a lot longer.

These features are important when choosing an outdoor solar light.

Battery life

battery lifeSeveral outdoor solar lights have the feature of interchanging batteries. In this way, you can always change the batteries whenever the old one dies down, this further extends the battery longevity of the outdoor solar light.

Without this feature, you have no choice but to replace the entire unit and will have you churning out more cash than buying a new set of batteries.

Number of lights


number of lightsAs mentioned above, outdoor solar lights come in several types. Some outdoor solar lights are designed to be placed as individual in ground lamps while there are those that are designed as a string of lights.

Depending on your envisioned layout or design, look up first on the number of lights for the purchase before buying one. Location and size of your garden should also be considered.


The range of the illumination should also be considered when buying an outdoor solar light. Most solar lights have a range of 2 to 38 feet.

Have an estimate of your garden first and then look into the range of the illumination of the products before buying. Small gardens do not need an excess number of feet which is unnecessary.

Overall illumination

Overall illuminationThe number of lumens will affect the overall brightness of the outdoor solar light. These lumens will give an estimate of the level of brightness and this can vary tremendously in several outdoor solar lights. The higher the number of lumens will indicate higher brightness.

Outdoor solar lights are very useful for garden owners and enthusiasts. Aside from allowing gardeners to keep track of their well-beloved plants, they also are able to give an added aesthetic appeal to the garden.