For Thrifty Homeowners: The Best Outdoor Solar Lights Reviews

best outdoor solar lights reviews

Electrical bills have been soaring up due to an increase of energy consumption of outdoor lights. Luckily, outdoor solar lights are available to help us curb this problem that looms large across the globe. In this article, we’ll talk about the best outdoor solar lights reviews.

Best Outdoor Solar Lights Reviews

Litom 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights

Litom 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar LightsThe 1st entry on our list is the Litom 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights. It is equipped with a unique wide angle design which allows it to have a wider coverage with its illumination.

It has exactly 526 lumens that give it a brighter output. This output is sufficient enough to power a backyard.
It is equipped with ultra bright 24 led solar lights producing a brighter illumination compared to other similar products.

The product can easily be installed since it doesn’t have any wires to put on. It also has three optional modes to choose from: the full mode, reduced light mode and lastly, the motion detected mode. All of which function in different ways.

The full mode is best suited for doors, outdoor patio, backyard and other large areas outside the house. The reduced light mode, on the other hand, is suited for pathways such as the balcony railings, entryways and the like.

Lastly, the motion detection mode is designed to provide extra security as it has a sensor that is sensitive to motion allowing to detect any possible intruders in the house. This motion sensor has a wide range of 26 feet.


  • Motion sensor
  • Wide range of illumination
  • 3 functional modes
  • Produces brighter output
  • Easy to install
  • Well constructed


  • Inconsistent motion sensor

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1 Waterproof

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1 WaterproofThe next entry on our list is the InnoGear upgraded solar lights 2-in-1 waterproof. It also makes use of the great energy coming from the sun and harnessing it to energy that is able to illuminate the outside of your home.

This product is certified waterproof so you can rest assured that it can withstand even strong and heavy rains. It is also equipped with a frosted solar panel which further magnifies its ability to last for a long period of time due to its innate durability.

Equipped with 4×50 Enhanced Led solar lights, it produces a 200 lumen output thereby promising on its promise to provide the most out of its illuminating capacity. It is also heatproof, so there really is no worry about the possibility of overheating despite its high lumen output.

It can function as an in-ground lamp that is easily lodged into the ground or it can also be mounted on walls with the help of the durable screws which are also included in the package. The product is equipped with a long-lasting 2200mah rechargeable battery. It also features a built-in automatic on and off switch which comes in very handy.

It turns on at night and off whenever there is ample amount of sunlight during the day. The product boasts of a very flexible solar panel which is able to flex out to different angles according to your preferred site of illumination. Worried whether you are not able to reach an area that’s opposite the solar panel? No worries, the InnoGear solar lights with its flexible panel can take care of that.


  • Durable
  • Output is very bright
  • Flexible wide solar panel
  • Installation is easy
  • Can be mounted on the ground or on the wall
  • Automatic on/off feature


  • Shorter than other similar products

VicTsing 4 pc Solar Spotlight

VicTsing 4 pc Solar SpotlightThe VicTsing 4 pc Solar Spotlight can function in two different ways, they can either be used as a ground lamp or you can illuminate your walls as it can also be easily mounted on your wall.

The choice is up to you. It is equipped with a large panel compared to other similar products and you can be assured of its durability since it is made of monocrystalline silicon which also harnesses more energy from the sun as it has a higher conversion rate of 20%. Similar to the InnoGear Solar lights mentioned before, it also has a flexible solar panel which can be adjusted to angles of 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

With this, you can be assured that the solar light can illuminate any area you would want. The product boasts of a higher illumination output as it is equipped with 4 pcs of 0.5w led beads. If the default brightness is too much for you, the company thought ahead and provided a switch that allows you to control the intensity of its brightness with a single press.

Similar to other products of the same purpose, it also has an automatic on/off switch. You don’t need to worry about being easily destroyed by rain or water since it has an IP65 waterproof rating allowing it to withstand even extreme rains. Its durability is further emphasized with its strong hard plastic construction.


  • Superior illumination output
  • Automatic on/off feature
  • Can be installed on walls or on the ground
  • IP65 Waterproof rating
  • Switch for brightness adjustment


  • Weak build

URPOWER Solar Lights

URPOWER Solar LightsThe next worthy entry on our list is the URPOWER Solar Lights. It can far outstand other competitors as it is equipped with a motion sensor giving it an extra security feature that is useful to your household.

The motion sensor can detect movement up to 10 feet in range and also within 120 degrees proximity. No wiring or several cords are required for this product as it can be easily installed with no extra equipment needed. Similar to the ones mentioned above, it has an automatic on and off feature.

Consequently, the product lights up at night and it also turns itself off whenever it is harnessing energy from the sun. It can also withstand extreme conditions and even rain as it has a rating of IP64. It is made out of durable material.


  • Long battery life
  • Wide solar panel
  • Bright illumination
  • Motion sensor
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof


  • Weak overall build

MPOW Solar lights

MPOW Solar lightsThe last entry on our list boasts a very long battery life of 8-10 hours. It is because it has a highly efficient panel that is able to absorb huge amounts of energy from the sun. This makes sure that the product will be able to light up the outside of your house in a long period of time.

It has ultra bright 20 LED solar lights that offer a strong illumination output while also capable of lighting a huge area due to its wide range. With this, there is never a need to worry about walking outside the house in the dark.

It has a sensitive motion sensor that is able to detect even the slightest amount of movement of ranges up to 26 feet. It has three modes, the strong long light sensor mode, the strong light sensor mode and lastly the dim light sensor mode.

It has a certified IP65 rating making it waterproof as well as heatproof, allowing it to withstand extreme weather conditions.


  • Long battery life
  • Wide solar panel
  • Bright illumination
  • Motion sensor
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof


  • Weak overall build

If we were to carefully choose which of the ones mentioned above is the best outdoor solar light, it would be the InnoGear upgraded Solar lights. It is due to its versatility, durability and its ultra bright output.

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The Best Outdoor Solar Lights Reviews: Learning About Them

Outdoor solar lights have become popular around the world. They are used to illuminate gardens, landscapes, and patios while also giving them an extra beautiful aesthetic appeal.

For several good reasons, solar powered lights are being adapted throughout household nowadays. The most important factor why they have become more and more popular throughout the years is that they allow consumers to save a ton of money from electrical powered lights and other appliances.

In this fast-paced world, we are bombarded with a lot of financial responsibilities and it is already very frustrating that our hard earned cash goes down the drain because we have to make sure that these bills are met.

Wouldn’t it be nice to invest in something that will have a lasting effect on our financial dilemmas, finally be free from all the expensive bills while also help attain a more environment-friendly world? Solar lights is the answer.

The Best Outdoor Solar Lights Reviews: How do solar lights work?

Photovoltaic cells from their panels will absorb energy harnessed from sunlight during the day to charge built-in batteries. This stored solar energy will power the lights to illuminate during the night.

The energy harnessed from the sun is then converted to something that will enable the lights to illuminate whatever is in their midst. This gives the solar lights the advantage of being safe to the environment compared to the usual electrically powered lights.

In addition, the batteries that are placed inside these solar lights will last for several years so there is little maintenance required.

Also, these lights make use of energy efficient LED that is built for long durations of use and are known for giving a brighter output compared to their counterparts.

Solar powered lights are suitable for the outdoors since they have easy access to sunlight and they don’t usually require cords when purchased.

This makes them very easy to install and also makes them portable allowing you to move them around and redesign their positions to your liking.

The market is brewing with a lot of solar powered lights, this makes it harder to choose which one to buy. Also, there are several factors that you would need to consider before buying one, we will tackle them in the latter part of this article.

Best Outdoor Solar Lights Reviews: Why pick Solar?

The emergence of solar powered lights came from humble beginnings. The discovery of LED bulbs also propelled the novelty of harnessing solar energy. LED lights produce a brighter output, produce less heat and require less energy. Because of these, they are usually incorporated into solar panels.

Solar panels produce a significant amount of energy that is adequate to light up LED bulbs. This makes them a more cost efficient as well as environment friendly alternative. Surprisingly solar powered lights are even able to shed a brighter light compared to conventional electrically charged light bulbs. states that solar powered lights have resulted in better energy savings without even compromising on brightness output.

So the next time you are scratching your head with all your expensive electric bills, try and consider solar powered lights to save money.