The Best Outdoor Solar String Lights - A Comprehensive Guide

Best Outdoor Solar String Lights

String lights aren't only for Christmas! You'll find that they make excellent decorations to add flare and character to your home whether they’re placed indoors or outdoors.

This is your go-to guide to finding and buying the best solar powered string lights that the market currently has to offer!

What Are The Best Outdoor Solar String Lights Available?

There really isn't much that you should look into when looking for solar string lights. There are several different manufacturers on the market that offer different kinds of solar string lights with different specifications but in the end, they're all built and made the same way.

The difference that places some solar string lights above others is the quality of materials used, nature of construction, and longevity of the product.

To help you find the best solar powered string lights available, I've narrowed down my search to the top five best that the market has to offer!

RockBirds SL200 W 200 LED Outdoor String LightThis solar string light has been ranked as a best seller on several online websites. That alone should be enough to convince you that this is a quality product! This product boasts 200 different LED lights that are evenly spaced along a twenty-meter cable!

When it comes to string lights, longer means better and the twenty meter or sixty-five foot length of this product isn’t typical amongst solar powered string lights that are currently in the market.

This solar powered string light automatically turns itself on at dusk and flick off at the break of dawn.

Two lighting modes are offered – a steady mode, and a flashing mode. I’d recommend that you use the steady mode if you want a calm and relaxed ambiance around your home, while you can use the flashing mode if you want a more Christmas like vibe.

The lights last longer when on flashing mode wherein you can expect 10 to 20 hours of non-stop illumination. Steady mode offers a shorter illumination time of around 8 – 12 hours.


  • Extra long
  • Comes with steady and flashing modes
  • Automatic function


  • Wires need extra attention (may break)


You'll only need to install these lights where you want them to be and they're good to go!

The fact that these lights are extra long are also a big plus as you'll be able to decorate a larger area with this product. You will certainly be getting the most value out of your money when you purchase the RockBirds SL200-W 200 LED Outdoor String Light!

Dolucky Outdoor Solar String Lights

RockBirds SL200 W 200 LED Outdoor String LightThese outdoor solar powered string lights by Dolucky are the perfect decoration if you’re looking make your backyard look better. The 72-foot length of these lights means that you’ll be able to effectively decorate your entire outdoor area without having to go through the hassle of spending money to purchase another set of lights.

This is a great lighting product that comes with an affordable price and an incredibly long lifespan of over 10,000 hours!

These environmentally friendly solar powered string lights are waterproof so you’ll not have to worry about them breaking down on you when it rains!

The two lighting modes that come with this product are sure to adjust and complement to your mood. You’ll be glad to know that these lights turn on and switch off automatically as they boast a sensor that can detect whether it is daytime or night time.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a long lifespan
  • Built with two modes
  • Automatic function
  • Durable
  • Waterproof


  • Lead from the solar collector to the first lights is only 4 or 5 feet


I'd have to give this product a thumbs up as these solar powered string lights by Dolucky are very easyto install and they last a very long time.

The solid construction of these lights is another this that I'd have to praise as they were really built to stand up to the rigors of being exposed outdoors. The fact that you'll not have to worry about this product getting wet in the rain due to the waterproof feature is a big plus!

Overall, I would have to say that this is a very recommendable product if you're looking for an eco-friendly solution to your standard string lights!

EasyDecor Solar String Lights

Easy Decor Solar String LightsThe EasyDecor Solar String Lights are the perfect addition to spice up the look of your outdoor area. These lights are both aesthetic and environmentally friendly. They also don’t hurt your pockets as they’ll not contribute any additional costs to your electric bill.

These lights are versatile as they boast eight different light modes that you can select to fit your style. Once a certain mode is selected, these lights will stay on that particular mode automatically until you chose to select another mode.

The solar panel of this product is very efficient in terms of energy absorption and conversion. The efficient solar panel actually allows for the lights to have a greater working to charging time ratio with a five hour charging time and an eight-hour working time.

You don’t have to worry about the durability factor of these lights as they are waterproof and made of materials of the highest quality. You’re sure to not encounter any problems when you place these lights outdoors!


  • Boasts eight different light modes
  • Efficient solar panel
  • Waterproof
  • Eco -friendly
  • Very durable


  • Can be a little longer


These solar string lights are perfect for adding a romantic feel to your outdoor area. The eight different light modes that comes with these lights allow you to set these lights to match your mood accordingly.

The fact that these lights are solar powered are great because you'll be adding beauty to your home without spending much money. Eco-friendly products tend to pay for themselves over time and this product does exactly that.

This product is very durable and you can be sure that you will not encounter any problems with placing these lights outdoors and exposing them to rain.

Overall, I would have to recommend these lights to everyone who's looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to the standard outdoor string lights.

Solar String lights Outdoor, Addlon LED Christmas Lights

Solar String lights Outdoor, Addlon LED Christmas LightsThese are the perfect lights to use to decorate your home during the holiday season! Traditional fossil fuel powered LED Christmas lights are power hungry, not environmentally friendly, and very expensive to run. Why don’t you make the switch to solar power to see the remarkable difference?

These solar powered LED string lights come in steady and flashing modes that you can alternate with depending on what atmosphere you want to project.

The traditional Christmas colors that these lights boast are sure to provide you home with the happy atmosphere that comes with the holiday season. You’ll be sure to not only brighten up your home, but also your entire neighborhood with these awesome lights!

Efficiency was in mind when the manufacturers made the solar panels of these lights 51% larger than the market standard. The larger size of the solar panels allows for a faster charging time and a longer working time for the lights!


  • Very long
  • Efficient solar panels
  • Fast charging time
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof


  • None yet reported by consumers


These lights are the perfect option if you're looking to save on electricity and add some Christmas spirit to your home at the same time! These eco friendly solar lights are sure to make your home look wonderful during the holidays!

The 72 ft length of these lights allows you to get the most out of this awesome product. Since these lights are longer than the market's average, you'll not have to purchase as many sets to light up your entire home.

The solar panels of these lights were made extra large to provide maximum efficiency and minimum charging time. You're sure to get the most out of your lights for the whole night!

I'd have to give this wonderful product a thumbs up simply due to the product's efficiency, long length, and value for your money!

Esky Solar Fairy Lights Solar Lights Garden Solar LED String Lights

Esky Solar Fairy Lights Solar Lights Garden Solar LED String LightsThese lights are different from the others on the list as they boast three different light modes instead of the usual two – steady on, quick blinking, and slow blinking.
They automatically go on at night and turn off during the day allowing for a hassle and hands off operation. Once you install these lights, you’ll not need to go through the hassle of turning them on and off everyday!
The solar panel that the lights come with can be manually turned on and off whenever required in order to prevent the overuse of these lights.
Installation is very easy and as it will take you only a few minutes to get the whole setup up and running!
Another big plus is that these lights come with a full twelve month warranty from the manufacturer. They also come with a thirty-day money back guarantee!


  • Long warranty
  • Comes with three light modes
  • Automatic function
  • Easy to install
  • Long run time


  • Can be a little longer


The Esky Solar Fairy Lights Solar Lights Garden Solar LED String Lights are a good option if you're looking for a hassle-free way to make your outdoor area beautiful. They unique among the other lights on my list as they come with three different light modes that you can alternate with depending on how you want your outdoor area's atmosphere to feel like.

The easy installation of this product is very convenient. Your valuable time is sure to be saved with these awesome solar powered outdoor string lights!

This is truly one awesome product that I'd have to recommend to anyone out there that is looking for the perfect solar powered LED string lights!

Best Outdoor Solar String Lights - Important Things To Consider

There are some important things that you should consider when you're out purchasing the best outdoor solar string lights. Most solar string lights look the same at first glance but there are some key differences that separate the good from the best.

I've listed down below some of the key things that you should look into before you purchase your outdoor solar string lights!


powerNot all outdoor solar string lights have the same level of power and illumination. There are numerous different factors that can affect this: the model of the light, the strength or charge left in the battery, and the climate that your property is located in.

It is important that the solar panel that comes with the lights can provide enough power to keep the lights brightly illuminated all night long.

Temperature and Climate

Temperature and ClimateWhere you live can have a large effect on how your solar string light will perform. If you live in a cloudy area that does not get a lot of sunshine, I wouldn’t recommend that you purchase outdoor solar powered string lights as they’ll not be able to perform to the fullest due to the limited sunshine.

Generally, solar powered products work best where there is continuous sunshine. It is not recommended that you purchase solar powered products if you live in an area where there is little sunshine.

Where You'll be Placing the Lights

Placing the LightIt is very important to consider where you’ll be placing the lights as the place where you hang the lights may determine their performance.

If you put the solar panel that powers your lights in a shaded area of your home where there is less sunshine that gets through, you may get less out of your lights.


Best Outdoor Solar String Lights - The Final Verdict

I'd have to say that the RockBirds SL200-W 200 LED Outdoor String Light has got to be the best product among the five outdoor solar string lights that I've selected due to the simplicity of these awesome lights!

The quality of materials that were used in making these lights make their durability unquestionable. The simplicity of operation and ease of installation are also two points that make this product great!

At twenty meters, these lights are neither too long nor are they too short. They have just the right length for you to decorate your outdoor area efficiently.

These lights are truly the best outdoor solar lights string lights on the market!