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12 carbon arrows outdoors pack

Outdoors Carbon 30-Inch Arrows with Field Points Replaceable Tips (12 Pack)

  • 12 Pack of 30-inch arrows with strong, lightweight carbon shafts; improved wall thickness for added durability
  • matched with replacement field points; optimal accuracy and target penetration
  • Diameter: 7.5mm.For draw weight 40-60 pounds bows
  • Extraordinary durability for extended use


Around $30

via Amazon.com

Outdoors Carbon 30-Inch Arrows with Field Points Replaceable Tips (12 Pack). "They have very heavy although very high quality field tips. The nocks are glued......>.> but...they are glued correctly....meaning they are aligned with the odd colored fletching so it passes through my tri-pattern brush arrow rest correctly, and sits right on the string.....>.> Package arrived well ahead of when projected. Came from China I believe^.^ It's not a bad product for the price. They hold up well so far and should be ok. The adhesive used to hold the fletchings in place is a little more noticeable than what I've seen on others but they are on there. No big deal. 4 stars. :) ++Update++ Shot them quite a bit today. They really do hold up just fine. I also shot a few into my plywood backstop to see if they held up. They are certainly carbon Arrows^.^ And at $45 for 12 carbon arrows... It's better than many bundles of 12 by far less dollars. The same cost usually only gets you 6 arrows WITHOUT TIPS. Good deal^.^ *UPDATE* They are still going strong :) not a single issue with them and its been near a month of regular shooting. This is a great buy if you dont mind waiting a little longer than normal. If you've got arrows and are just looking to add like "bulk" arrows. go for these."