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bow and arrow quiver for youth

Suede Bow and Arrow Quiver

  • Well-priced Quiver for arrows
  • High-grade pot Arrow Fleece Length: 55cm Diameter: 10cm Arrows can be installed two dozen (24)
  • Material: Fast-drying microfiber looks like suede
  • Includes 1 quiver, does not include arrows


Around $60

via Amazon.com

Verified Purchase - Exactly what I expected from the product. Matte black suede. The suede keeps the arrows quiet. I have 31" arrows and they fit well in the quiver. It has the two pockets pictured in the advertisement. It's a simple quiver and well priced. I've been looking for a quiver that rides like this one does and finally found it. I have arthritis in my shoulders and hands, this quiver is configured to make it easy for me to grab an arrow.