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neet suede shooting glove

Suede Shooting Glove

  • This glove works wonders with my 55lb recurve bow and lets me shoot for a much longer duration. The stitching has lasted quite awhile. Can’t beat the price. Fits my fingers snugly which is good as well.

Around $10

via Amazon.com

Suede archer's glove; please choose your size. I'm new the archery sport and I need to protect my hands. This glove not only protects my fingers from unnecessary blisters and roughness, but it also aids with accuracy. They are so smooth and will break in nicely because of the high quality leather and very comfortable as well. A must have glove for this sport. Brown leather is soft, finger bits a bit thick but thats the downside of using a glove. Impressive is that it fit my tiny wrist (adjustable strap). Only item out there that'd fit a petite woman. Medium fits 7 1/2" length (wrist to tip of middle finger) 8" circumference wrist. I recommend highly for any petite or female archers!