What Does a Skinned Bear Resemble?

By outdoorpro •  Updated: 11/01/21 •  2 min read

When a bear is skinned and hanged, it does “bear” resemblance to a human, in proportion and shape, but only at a glance.

City folk, for example, may not recognize the short legs and long torso of a bear without its fur, and so mistake a bear for a skinned human being out in the woods, I suppose. But upon closer inspection, it should be obvious that a skinned bear is indeed a bear.

Other skinned animals, such as cougars, also look like a human body, but a skinned bear paw exhibits “finger-like” human features with its defined phalanges.

When skinned, the hunter will clip off the nails of the bear to include it to the hide, thus the clawless appearance of the discarded bear feet.

From a reddit user who said his dad left these skinned bear paws out to scare his mother.

Can you tell the difference between a bear leg and a human leg?

“This clawless hind paw of a black bear looks somewhat like a human foot.”

Bear feet have been mistaken for human hands and feet

In Centerville, Iowa, two severed feet were found that some people suspected may have been human remains. Fortunately, it was someone’s attempt at a joke.