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youth open archery target

Youth Open Archery Target Block

Target designed specifically for the youth archer

  • Intended for bows of 40 lbs of draw weight or less
  • Uses legendary layered technology
  • High contrast design
  • Long target life

Under $25

via Amazon.com

Verified Purchase - Love the Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Target. It's small enough to be extremely portable and big enough to present a meaningful target for both my children and myself. Every once and a while they'll miss and we'll have to search for an arrow, but for the most part my beginner archers (9 & 11) can hit this target consistently from 20-30 yards without any trouble. With 30-35 pound bows at 20 yards the arrows (with field tips) penetrate about 5-7 inches and remove easily. Even though it's only stated to accept 40lb bows or less, I regularly shoot at it with my 55 pound bow without any trouble. My arrows punch all the way through the other side but are safely stopped about halfway (30 inch arrows), which might be problematic for anybody that wishes to set up the target against a hard background. But they are still easy to remove; they slide right out. I have not shot broadheads at this target so I can't comment on its performance in that regard, but with field tips it's terrific.